Definition of atony in English:



See atonic

‘Following the birth of the neonate, the placenta was delivered and the patient began to experience severe hemorrhage, which was clinically attributed to uterine atony.’
  • ‘Postpartum uterine atony and hemorrhage can be effectively prevented with the use of oxytocin, but the optimal dosage and route of administration have not been established.’
  • ‘This in turn leads to gastric atony, floating kidney, hernia, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse and other forms of prolapse.’
  • ‘The absence of bowel sounds for a full 5 minutes strongly suggests the existence of intestinal atony or ileus, which has many causes.’
  • ‘Another complication suffered by these patients is bladder atony, in which the muscles of the bladder lose their tone.’
  • ‘This color can be seen frequently in chronic diseases of the stomach, especially in gastric atony.’



/ˈatənē/ /ˈætəni/