Definition of atrazine in English:



  • A synthetic compound used as an agricultural herbicide.

    A triazine derivative; chemical formula: C₈H₁₄N₅Cl

    ‘She has also added a gene to alfalfa that enables it to detoxify the herbicide atrazine.’
    • ‘The concern is that drainage discharge water can carry pollutants such as the herbicide atrazine, sediment, and nutrients to surface waters.’
    • ‘I would also suggest that chemicals like atrazine and simazine, which have already been banned by a number of countries overseas, should be immediately withdrawn from registration here.’
    • ‘No unusually high levels of pesticides and metals or even oil and grease were detected from the run-off, although the common herbicide atrazine has been detected twice.’
    • ‘Studies of people exposed to atrazine indicate that the chemical may be linked to a number of cancers, including prostate cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.’



/ˈatrəˌzēn/ /ˈætrəˌzin/


1960s blend of amino and triazine.