Definition of attain in English:


Pronunciation /əˈtān/ /əˈteɪn/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Succeed in achieving (something that one desires and has worked for)

    ‘clarify your objectives and ways of attaining them’
    ‘he attained the rank of admiral’
    ‘human beings can attain happiness’
    • ‘However happiness is not something that can be acquired, attained, achieved or gathered.’
    • ‘You may judge for yourself the degree to which I've succeeded in attaining that goal.’
    • ‘Achievements attained by a person were also considered to honour the whole family.’
    • ‘What is it about cancer and other illnesses that pushes us sufferers on to attain goals and achieve tasks?’
    • ‘And it seems that the Secretary of State has fully succeeded in attaining his objective.’
    • ‘It should be said straightaway that they have succeeded admirably in attaining their goal.’
    • ‘The fact is, the reformists have failed to attain any tangible achievement.’
    • ‘Wasn't his perception of happiness and how to attain it desperately marred?’
    • ‘And perseverance is the name of the game for one to attain success and happiness.’
    • ‘We believe that our prayers can assist our loved ones to attain eternal happiness.’
    • ‘Recognised as an effective and efficient leader, he had attained the rank of major-general in 1942.’
    • ‘It is a very basic thing that one cannot attain happiness by making others unhappy.’
    • ‘He attained the rank of sergeant in a tank corps.’
    • ‘So it will prove in the future, for nothing can frustrate the evolutionary movement nor prevent humanity as a whole from attaining and achieving its purpose.’
    • ‘She claimed the school had done well to achieve the results it attained.’
    • ‘No one should be allowed to disrupt the democratic achievements so far attained.’
    • ‘They should be made to feel proud that they have attained, achieved and can hold those positions.’
    • ‘It compels us to review goals set against achievements attained and lapses experienced.’
    • ‘It is a humanist vision that in every culture people can attain freedom and enable all to achieve their potential in their own chosen way.’
    • ‘Undeniably focusing on their careers led them to attain a high level of artistic achievement.’
    • ‘To gain reparations without attaining this goal would be to win a false victory.’
    achieve, accomplish, reach, arrive at, come by, obtain, gain, procure, secure, get, grasp, hook, net, win, earn, acquire, establish, make
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    1. 1.1Reach (a specified age, size, or amount)
      ‘dolphins can attain remarkable speeds in water’
      • ‘The late Mrs. Boyle had attained the age of one-hundred years, and enjoyed good health up to the end.’
      • ‘One in ten children die before they attain the age of five years, adds the report.’
      • ‘The reality sinks in when they attain puberty by which time they are told they have no choice.’
      • ‘The rate of development of the major body components is changing continually, at least until the pig attains its mature size.’
      • ‘Corallites attaining a certain size, although variable in diameter, may reproduce again.’
      • ‘Newly formed leaves were excised once they attained full size.’
      • ‘It would seem that this is an age when one attains maturity and the peak of one's abilities.’
      • ‘Only a few second generation churches have attained sufficient maturity to consider appointing their own leaders.’
      • ‘A function is organised when a girl attains puberty.’
      • ‘The animals attain sexual maturity in two to three years and the breeding season is throughout the year.’
      • ‘Seed growth slows after this, but does not entirely cease until the seed attains physiological maturity.’
      • ‘At the same stage of his life, as soon as he attains manhood, Labda's son also goes off to consult the Delphic oracle.’
      • ‘All priests and mages felt this charge upon attaining full manhood.’
      • ‘Last year, I read about some new research that said a human being attains full maturity or adulthood only at the age of 35!’
      • ‘Depending on the depth of the water in which the tsunami is traveling, it may attain speeds of up to 500 miles an hour.’
      • ‘Now it darts ahead, quickly attaining a forward speed of 140 miles an hour.’
      • ‘Parents should realise these are real cars that attain high speeds on the enclosed track.’
      • ‘These awesome monsters need to attain wind speeds of 75 mph before they become a full hurricane.’
      • ‘Common mistakes made by novices include underestimating the size that trees will attain.’
      • ‘Once the plant attains sufficient height, secure it loosely to the stake.’
      reach, attain, arrive at, come to, make
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Middle English (in the senses ‘bring to justice’ and ‘reach a state’): from Old French ateindre, from Latin attingere, from ad- ‘at, to’ + tangere ‘to touch’.



/əˈtān/ /əˈteɪn/