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  • 1The action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event.

    ‘my attendance at church was very irregular’
    • ‘In our house, there were a handful of books, mainly given as prizes for perfect attendance at Sunday School.’
    • ‘The racecourse is offering half price entrance to anyone who also books attendance at any other York raceday.’
    • ‘His increasing workload had made attendance at council meetings and ward duties impossible.’
    • ‘It involves attendance at weekly two-hour workshops for a period of seven weeks.’
    • ‘The aim was to make the youngsters more motivated and improve their attendance at school.’
    • ‘The purpose of his attendance at the rally was simply to threaten Londoners further.’
    • ‘Traditionally it was one of the times when attendance at church was more or less expected.’
    • ‘There had been so much hope put on his attendance at the institutions of higher learning.’
    • ‘There is no evidence that any attempt was made to obtain their attendance at court.’
    • ‘Consultation data were checked against records of attendance at the practice.’
    • ‘His crime was attendance at the university without being properly matriculated.’
    • ‘Her attendance at last week's conference was clearly influenced by her desire to set the record straight.’
    • ‘As the organisers must have feared, the attendance at such events is a matter of habit.’
    • ‘His attendance at the Doha meeting is a sign of how seriously the French are taking the issue.’
    • ‘Her attendance at court had to be secured by a witness summons and a threat of arrest.’
    • ‘But regular school attendance is vital if young people are to achieve their full potential.’
    • ‘Failure to secure regular school attendance of a registered pupil is already a criminal offence for parents.’
    • ‘It goes on to say that the teachers can help in promoting and enforcing school attendance.’
    • ‘Veterans turning up for the event should also confirm their attendance with Mr Hudson.’
    • ‘The report also advised the school to continue to work on improving pupils' attendance and punctuality.’
    • ‘However, he does have an exemplary record in council meeting attendance.’
    • ‘Teachers claim the activities have had a noticeable effect on improved pupil behaviour and attendance.’
    • ‘She said the poor attendance of civil servants at work was an example of the lack of professionalism.’
    • ‘Schools are expected to put systems in place to monitor and promote attendance.’
    • ‘Children will be awarded points for good behaviour, attendance and educational attainment.’
    • ‘The company has been recognising perfect attendances in its employees for over 20 years.’
    presence, appearance, attending, being there
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    1. 1.1The number of people present at a particular event, function, or meeting.
      ‘reports placed the attendance at 500,000’
      • ‘Lower attendances mean less money; less money means no new players etc.’
      • ‘Firstly, lower division clubs generally attract much lower attendances, and crowd densities are much lower.’
      • ‘With the weather also playing its part it was a great day for the many family outings that swelled the attendances at all parades.’
      • ‘There are theories about why attendances are on the decline.’
      • ‘Isn't it also ironic that though church attendances are in decline there appears to be a move to increase the number of church schools.’
      • ‘He said attendances at annual electors' meetings have decreased ever since.’
      • ‘Everybody will have their own theory about a 25,000 drop in attendances over a five-year period.’
      • ‘There was a very fine attendance at the Christmas Eve Mass which ended on the stroke of midnight.’
      • ‘The big attendance at the her funeral was an indication of the high esteem in which she was held by all.’
      • ‘The large attendance at the funeral was indicative of her popularity in the local area.’
      • ‘There was a very large attendance at the ceremony which was held in the open air.’
      • ‘What we cannot rely on any more is solidly predictable attendance at uninteresting concerts.’
      • ‘Headteacher Bernard Wright says the increase is partly due to better attendance at exams.’
      • ‘The annual attendance at the accident and emergency department did not increase over the two years of the audit.’
      • ‘The first weekend game there produced the largest attendance at a Saturday game in the club's history.’
      • ‘The attendance at the meeting was the biggest since the group was set up in March 1986.’
      • ‘The attendance at quizzes and debates has been two or three times higher than the norm for education sessions.’
      • ‘A recent seminar on the subject that it held in Edinburgh drew twice the normal attendance for similar events.’
      • ‘Special train services were put on to ensure maximum attendance for the event.’
      • ‘With the largest attendance so far this annual event is proving very popular indeed.’
      audience, turnout, number present, house, gate
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/əˈtend(ə)ns/ /əˈtɛnd(ə)ns/


    in attendance
    • 1Present at a function or a place.

      • ‘some 200 were in attendance at the fourteenth reunion’
    • 2Accompanying a member of royalty or other important person as an assistant or servant.

      • ‘Her Royal Highness traveled in an aircraft of The Queen's Flight, with Viscountess Campden in attendance’


Late Middle English from Old French, from atendre ‘give one's attention to’ (see attend).