Definition of attention-grabbing in English:



  • Attracting people's notice; striking.

    ‘the buildings were sufficiently attention-grabbing to find their place in international magazines’
    • ‘Using an attention-grabbing headline ensures the reader will continue to read the rest of the ad.’
    • ‘A good attention-grabbing opener will get the person you're talking to more focused on what you have to say.’
    • ‘I ask him how he copes with the American attitude to his attention-grabbing books.’
    • ‘The clients explained that they were looking for a way to end their presentation on a funny, attention-grabbing note.’
    • ‘In my mind, the benefit of using art in advertising is art's attention-grabbing quality.’
    • ‘We needed attention-grabbing models to improve our image.’
    • ‘They wanted the artwork on the packaging to be attention-grabbing, and to elicit some sort of reaction in the shopper.’
    • ‘After the initial, attention-grabbing one-liners, each ad went on to explain the benefits of a particular banking service.’
    • ‘Pity the poor lot of the journalist - having to grapple with a news story until they can mould a suitably attention-grabbing, off-the-wall headline for it.’
    • ‘As a personal statement, it's a brave and attention-grabbing leap.’
    • ‘I haven't decided whether this season's attention-grabbing dramas have as much meat to them, but I'm enjoying being entertained while I think it over.’
    • ‘When this is well executed, it is punchy and attention-grabbing; done badly, it is flat and enervated.’