Definition of attentiveness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of paying close attention to something.

    ‘half the children who ate the cereal showed no improvement in attentiveness’
    ‘the past scenes are beautifully handled, with a clear attentiveness to detail’
    • ‘I observed the close attentiveness with which he followed the play.’
    • ‘There is an extraordinary attentiveness to detail.’
    • ‘The still life is painted with surprising attentiveness.’
    • ‘The novel itself provides the perfect venue for detailing one's attentiveness to the world.’
    • ‘They stimulated renewed attentiveness to the way paintings look.’
    • ‘The rise of public attentiveness and the growing influence of stakeholders forced the government to act.’
    • ‘I sometimes feel I lack the persistent attentiveness I need for the tango classes I've just begun.’
    • ‘Sit up straight or lean forward slightly to show your attentiveness through body language.’
    • ‘Patients may admit to having had one or more motor vehicle crashes or near crashes because of a lack of attentiveness or falling asleep while driving.’
    • ‘Riding motorcycles takes skill and attentiveness.’
    1. 1.1The action of assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; politeness or courtesy.
      ‘this sight has maintained its top grading due to the attentiveness of the staff’
      ‘Mary was particularly touched by Georgina's attentiveness to her during her recovery’
      • ‘Rolly inspired exceptional dealer and customer confidence with his honesty, attentiveness and understanding.’
      • ‘They live in constant kindly attentiveness to one another's needs.’
      • ‘Their real function is to provide feminine comfort and attentiveness to the beleaguered soldiers.’
      • ‘There is a strong deterrent for a woman to criticise her husband for his attentiveness to her.’
      • ‘I adore them and believe that I was completely spoiled by their attentiveness to me and my tiny little book.’
      • ‘She grew to appreciate his attentiveness and his steady easygoing nature.’
      • ‘Jared's attentiveness gave her the good feeling she craved.’
      • ‘Despite the husband's touching attentiveness to their four children he is unsympathetic and controlling towards his wife.’
      • ‘His attentiveness and obvious interest in me were delightful.’
      • ‘It has maintained its top grading due to the attentiveness of the staff.’