Definition of attenuated in English:


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  • 1Having been reduced in force, effect, or value.

    • ‘it appears likely that the courts will be given an attenuated role in the enforcement of these decisions’
    weakened, reduced, lessened, decreased, diminished, impaired, enervated
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    1. 1.1(of a signal, electric current, or other oscillation) reduced in amplitude.
      • ‘weak or attenuated signals’
    2. 1.2(of a pathogenic organism) reduced in virulence, especially for use as a vaccine.
      • ‘attenuated strains of rabies virus’
  • 2Thin or reduced in thickness.

    ‘his attenuated fingers’
    • ‘Giacometti's attenuated figures of the human form’
    thin, slender, slim, skinny, spindly, bony, gaunt, skeletal
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/əˈtenyəˌwādəd/ /əˈtɛnjəˌweɪdəd/