Definition of attornment in English:



  • The formal transference of something to someone else.

    ‘His subsequent procedural failures under Florida law do not invalidate that attornment.’
    • ‘The attornment is much less drastic and intrusive into the rights of the mortgagee.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs' mortgages included the right of attornment of rents and other remedies in the event of default.’
    • ‘Attornment clauses in mortgages are rarely created today, but the official receiver may come across old mortgages still containing such clauses.’
    • ‘It seems that there cannot be an attornment when the third party holds the borrower's property in bulk with those of others, such that it is not identifiable, e.g. grain in a silo.’
    transfer, making over, giving, passing on, handing down, conveyance, consignment, alienation