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‘Other than two stretches of atypically cool weather in mid- and late May, the temperature never dropped below 60 from April 8 until Wednesday morning.’
  • ‘The British press has been atypically lenient in its review of his atrociously indecorous behaviour.’
  • ‘Rainfall in arid regions is typically seasonal and often intense and may carry an atypically high sediment load, due in part to sparse vegetation in sediment source areas.’
  • ‘Researchers have examined narratives of atypically developing children in comparison to typically developing children to examine the differences in linguistic skills, social knowledge, and cognitive abilities.’
  • ‘It is of special interest to agriculture because it has atypically large seeds for the genus and could perhaps be the source of crop-improving genes.’



/ˌāˈtipik(ə)lē/ /ˌeɪˈtɪpɪk(ə)li/