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  • A person who conducts auctions by accepting bids and declaring goods sold.

    ‘Baker had instructed auctioneers to sell certain goods.’
    • ‘Only a handful of auctioneers in Dublin sell computer equipment from liquidations or receiverships.’
    • ‘The property will be sold by top auctioneers at a London hotel on May 19.’
    • ‘You can pick up a bargain at an auction, but this can be risky as auctioneers can refuse to accept responsibility for the quality of goods they auction.’
    • ‘The entire sale was conducted by the auctioneers giving a verbal description of the stock and taking bids from the rows of seated buyers.’
    • ‘The book was sold by Edinburgh auctioneers to an American collector.’
    • ‘Check what methods of payment the auctioneer will accept for the property.’
    • ‘This is the second attempt by the auctioneers to sell the properties.’
    • ‘Then, with a final stroke of his gavel, the auctioneer declared that the auction was over.’
    • ‘When houses are on the market, owners are advised by auctioneers to invest time and money into the garden.’
    • ‘Guidelines have been given to auctioneers and estate agents to prevent money laundering.’
    • ‘Conducting the auction of a property, the auctioneer noticed an agent talking to his client on his mobile phone.’
    • ‘The internet has also benefited many local auctioneers and estate agents.’
    • ‘The search is on for an experienced auctioneer who can help a group of amateur artists sell their work for charity.’
    • ‘This understanding can be confirmed by the vendor and the auctioneer.’
    • ‘Dealing only with the auctioneer and solicitors, they had no idea who the owners of the land were.’
    • ‘The auctioneer who conducted the sale of the island, refused to comment.’
    • ‘Brokers and auctioneers profit by charging a small fee for each transaction completed using their services.’
    • ‘Few auctioneers or estate agents claim that the region's unique status has had a major influence on land prices.’
    • ‘He said he had commissioned an auctioneer to estimate the value of renting these bays.’
    • ‘Dealers had different means of signalling their intentions to an auctioneer.’
    • ‘Some auctioneers call for high opening bids and if you are the first bidder and no-one else joins in you may pay over the odds’
    vendor, retailer, purveyor, shopkeeper, supplier, stockist, trader, merchant, dealer



/ˌôkSHəˈnir/ /ˌɔkʃəˈnɪr/ /ˌäkSHəˈnir/ /ˌɑkʃəˈnɪr/