Definition of audibly in English:



  • In a way that can be heard.

    ‘the view of the snow-capped Alps caused everyone in the carriage to gasp audibly’
    • ‘At last, she had stopped crying, at least audibly anyway.’
    • ‘Some audiences become audibly uncomfortable whilst watching this film.’
    • ‘This is accompanied with a very loud "beep" from the unit to let you know audibly that a button has been pushed.’
    • ‘Overall, the movie sounds great and the conversations are crisp and easy to audibly understand; no muffled mix here.’
    • ‘Then he suddenly notices something really shocking and his hand flies up to his head as he gasps audibly.’
    • ‘She quickened her eating pace, and audibly swallowed one last time.’
    • ‘"Oh, that," he pauses, trying to ignore the girls who now snicker audibly.’
    • ‘Her institution "affirms the political relevance of the great Western ethical imperative," which, it turns out, includes your duty not to audibly communicate with people via a hand-held device.’
    • ‘When he hangs up, the man sighs audibly.’
    • ‘Sighing audibly the young swordsman shook his head, in frustration and disgust at his own incompetence.’