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  • Sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.

    ‘the machine can retrieve and play audio from a CD-ROM’
    • ‘audio equipment’
    • ‘After all, the French government already levies an artist tax on audio and video tapes.’
    • ‘In terms of graphics and audio performance the DS is at least half a generation behind.’
    • ‘This also applies to audio equipment in the motor vehicle as well as compact discs.’
    • ‘The software has no frame size limitations and supports unlimited audio channels.’
    • ‘When we can sensibly download and store audio files at full spectrum quality, then it will be perfect.’
    • ‘Sales of digital cameras and hard disk audio players rose, helped by the summer holiday season.’
    • ‘The encoded audio file is then downloaded onto the recipient's mobile and played.’
    • ‘It also gave the company the chance to start afresh with new security, and audio and video frameworks.’
    • ‘Some key features are lacking, such as an optical zoom lens and the ability to capture video and audio.’
    • ‘The messages of the conference were audio recorded and some parts were video taped.’
    • ‘It is hoped the resulting audio database will find a home and be accessible to anyone as a living memorial.’
    • ‘Now podcasting is taking this one stage further, allowing you to download audio files.’
    • ‘The audio is also less than spectacular with only a few sound effects in the lineup.’
    • ‘Video and audio footage of Jackson's arrest is released backing up the statement.’
    • ‘At that point he activated the in-car audio recording system and decided to call for back up.’
    • ‘The best approach would be to download an audio version, though you'll miss the visuals.’
    • ‘As a real treat you can download the song here in real audio format to sing along to.’
    • ‘This free software will let you burn audio CDs for use with your normal CD players in the house or car.’
    • ‘I'm not a great fan of adding audio to websites, however, as it can make pages load too slowly.’
    • ‘The audio examples have not been edited in any way and were recorded as part of a live DJ set.’



/ˈôdēō/ /ˈɔdioʊ/


Early 20th century independent usage of audio-.