Definition of audiometer in English:



See audiometry

‘Screening audiometers for office use generally test at several frequencies in the speech range between 500 and 4,000 Hz.’
  • ‘Hearing was measured in each ear with standard audiometers at frequency steps from 500 to 8,000 Hertz.’
  • ‘An audiometer produces sounds of different volumes and pitch (frequencies).’
  • ‘All children passed a standard audiometric screening, using a portable audiometer.’
  • ‘He invented the audiometer to measure hearing.’
  • ‘They set up a special microphone attached to an audiometer to measure the sound.’
  • ‘He gave me an audiometer test and, sure enough, my hearing in one ear at high decibels was considerably below normal.’



/ˌôdēˈämədər/ /ˌɔdiˈɑmədər/