Definition of audiometric in English:


Pronunciation /-əˈmetrik/


See audiometry

‘The study analysed the audiometric and medical data of 44 ears that underwent surgery for middle ear disease between June 1998 and June 2000.’
  • ‘An audiologist performed audiometric evaluation using standard techniques.’
  • ‘A retrospective analysis of audiometric data and medical records provided the basis for description of surgical outcomes.’
  • ‘Although improvements were reported, there were insufficient pre and post-operative audiometric data to fully evaluate postoperative changes in hearing levels.’
  • ‘To ensure medical information remains confidential, only the person who performs the audiometric tests may retain medical history and test records.’
  • ‘All children passed a standard audiometric screening, using a portable audiometer.’
  • ‘For example, audiometric testing can rule out hearing loss and deafness.’