Definition of audiometry in English:



  • Measurement of the range and sensitivity of a person's sense of hearing.

    ‘Pure tone audiometry revealed a mixed hearing loss with a sensorineural component in the high frequencies.’
    • ‘We assessed hearing with standard audiometry in 479 men aged 20 to 64, who were exposed to noise in their jobs, and 500 randomly selected 18 year old male conscripts born in 1974.’
    • ‘Screening audiometry revealed a mild hearing loss in the majority of children and bilateral loss was present in over 50% of those tested.’
    • ‘Hearing in each ear was measured by programmed audiometry.’
    • ‘When hearing loss is suspected, a thorough history, physical examination and audiometry should be performed.’
    • ‘Office audiometry is sufficiently sensitive and specific to serve as a screening method.’
    • ‘Hearing acuity was tested with manual audiometry.’
    • ‘Because ambient noise can affect test performance, especially at lower frequencies, audiometry should be performed in a quiet environment using earphones.’
    • ‘Children between 6 months and 2 years of age often are tested with visual reinforcement audiometry.’
    • ‘Pure tone audiometry is an interactive test where the subject needs to understand the instructions.’



/ˌôdēˈämətrē/ /ˌɔdiˈɑmətri/