Definition of Augustal in English:


(also augustale)

Pronunciation /ɔːˈɡʌstl/ /əˈɡʌstl/


Roman History
  • Of or relating to the Roman emperor Augustus (reigned 27 b.c. – a.d. 14); characteristic or reminiscent of Augustus; (more generally) imperial.

    "Augustal Prefect" noun a title held by the governor of Egypt under the later Roman Empire.


  • 1Roman History
    (The title of) a prefect or governor under the later Roman Empire; especially the governor of Egypt.

  • 2historical A gold coin issued in the 13th century by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily.

    Such coins bear an inscription giving the Holy Roman Emperor's title Augustus; see note in etymology.


Late 16th century. From classical Latin Augustālis (adjective) of or relating to the emperor Augustus, of or belonging to the cult of Augustus, in post-classical Latin also (noun) governor (of Egypt), imperial coin from Augustus + -ālis.