Definition of Augustinian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌôɡəˈstinēən/ /ˌɔɡəˈstɪniən/

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  • 1Relating to St. Augustine of Hippo or his theological doctrines.

    ‘Myrc and others viewed the Augustinian doctrine of salvation by grace as a deception of the devil and a heresy.’
    • ‘Luther takes a traditional Augustinian approach to the subject matter of theology, defining it as the knowledge of God and the self in mutual relation.’
    • ‘Allen finds continuity, however, in an enduring Augustinian counterposing of church and culture.’
    • ‘Niebuhr's critique stemmed from the Augustinian theology of original sin.’
    • ‘Here we have medieval Augustinian evangelicalism at its most pure and sublime.’
    • ‘Before the Enlightenment, Christian theology in the Augustinian tradition provided the dominant paradigm for interpreting evil.’
    • ‘He, too, holds the Augustinian view that in matters divine we need to love before we know.’
    • ‘In promoting this call for true justice, the pope's challenge will be to temper his Augustinian skepticism about the earthly city with a sense of God's abiding presence in his world.’
    • ‘Bernard regularly served as papal diplomat to emperor and king, dedicated to his Augustinian vision of the harmony arising out of the right ordering of the powers of church and state.’
    • ‘Her Augustinian estimate of human nature enables her to discern that our worst temptations arise not from raw hatred but from disordered love.’
    • ‘For this he could rely on the Augustinian argument that the use of force against religious deviation was justified both to protect orthodoxy and to compel heretics to abjure their errors for their own good.’
  • 2Relating to a religious order observing a rule derived from St. Augustine's writings.

    ‘The meeting was hosted by the official committee elected last September to liaise with the Augustinian order in deciding the best and most appropriate use for the Abbey complex when the Friars leave this Summer.’
    • ‘In 1848 he took holy orders in the Augustinian monastery where he also became choirmaster.’
    • ‘They followed the Augustinian rule and were divided into three classes: knights, chaplains, and serving brothers.’
    • ‘You have the Augustinian teaching orders, which introduced Classical humanist methods of education for young people to Europe.’
    • ‘It certainly produced its share of deviants, among them the Augustinian friar who would destroy its unity, Martin Luther.’
    • ‘Luther, who had been an Augustinian monk in his youth, roundly condemned this whole idea.’
    • ‘In the aftermath of this conquest, Franciscan and Augustinian missionaries moved quickly into Michoacan to establish a Catholic presence.’


  • 1A member of an Augustinian order.

    ‘Orders of monks and nuns multiplied over the years: Benedictines, Dominicans, Cistercians, Augustinians, Carmelites and others.’
    • ‘Christian outposts founded by Dominicans, Franciscans, and Augustinians grew into towns.’
    • ‘As he himself observes, contemporary Augustinians have been good and conscientious democrats.’
    • ‘By the mid-1400s the property was being used for religious purposes by the Augustinians, an association that ceased when the property was granted to Roger Jones.’
    • ‘In a statement the Order says that ‘at their recent chapter assembly, the Irish Augustinians unanimously endorsed the re-organisation decisions of their Council.’’
    • ‘The Augustinians are now withdrawing from Ballyhaunis, they say, because of the ageing profile of their priests and the lack of vocations.’
    • ‘The Church of Ireland congregation in Galway has offered its facilities at the Collegiate Church to the Augustinians to celebrate Mass there.’
    • ‘As a result, the work of the Augustinians on the Missions can be continued for the benefit of the less well off of Africa.’
    • ‘He joined the Augustinians and was ordained a priest in 1946.’
    • ‘Eventually, he placed a ban on the Augustinians, forbidding them from building any new convents or churches without express permission of the bishop.’
  • 2An adherent of the doctrines of St. Augustine.

    ‘Ratzinger is a theological Augustinian who equates the heavenly city with the church and the earthly city with the world; hence the strong opposition between the church and the world in his thinking.’
    • ‘Orthodox Augustinians, however, assumed that Christ's return and the subsequent end of the world would be unannounced.’
    • ‘We may be Augustinians in our theology, but we are all socialized to be Pelagians in our profession, to exaggerate the importance of personal effort and personal worthiness.’