Definition of auklet in English:



  • A small, stubby auk (seabird) found in the North Pacific, typically with gray underparts.

    Aethia and three other genera, family Alcidae: several species

    ‘The removal of these predators has benefitted many other bird species on the islands, including puffins, murres, and auklets.’
    • ‘Crested auklets have a conspicuous black forehead-crest, white auricular plumes, an orange bill with accessory plates, and a citruslike plumage odor.’
    • ‘However, several unusual attributes of crested auklets, Aethia cristatella, warranted further investigation.’
    • ‘Of course, this magical land would be home to armies of auklets.’
    • ‘In the interim, the auklet egg was left in a carton buried in the sand to keep it safe and cool.’



/ˈôklət/ /ˈɔklət/