Definition of aurally in English:



See aural

‘She had helped slow learners, schizophrenic adults, people who were visually and aurally impaired, and children with autism and cerebral palsy.’
  • ‘The results reveal that children who were good at comprehending materials presented via TV were also good at comprehending materials presented aurally.’
  • ‘One is the recency effect, which can occur when questions are presented aurally, and respondents, lacking sufficient time to process all responses and place them in long-term memory, select the last response offered.’
  • ‘Apparently, the staff wanted the program to be attractive visually as well as aurally.’
  • ‘The opportunity to have information introduced aurally, visually and kinesthetically can increase the possibility that students will understand and remember information.’



/ˈôrəlē/ /ˈɔrəli/