Definition of australite in English:



  • A tektite from the strewn field in Australia.

    ‘In regard to the Australites, it is clear from cross sectional analysis that they are a remelted object.’
    • ‘This Australite tektite is an example of rare tektites which have flanges around their margins.’
    • ‘The flanged Australites are the most fascinating of the tektites and their surface features are the best understood.’
    • ‘The whole tektite subject has been problematic for generations, and the Australites nicely capture and expand this theme.’
    • ‘Many thousands of Australites have been washed into shallow lakes or depressions and are now found on claypans, and shallow drainage depressions.’
    • ‘Charles Darwin made the first scientific study of tektites (Australites) during his famous five year voyage on HMS Beagle.’



/ˈôstrəˌlīt/ /ˈɔstrəˌlaɪt/