Definition of auteur in English:



  • A film director who influences their films so much that they rank as their author.

    • ‘The creative force behind the film wasn't an auteur, a cinematic genius.’
    • ‘But either way, I think we're all in agreement that some commercial product directed by noted auteurs, whether successful or not, is often doing artistic things that go unrecognized by many critics and moviegoers.’
    • ‘While younger action film auteurs put the viewer in the center of the action, Bond films continued to relegate their audiences to the sidelines, watching stunts as passive observers.’
    • ‘A film lover and a purist, he did a terrific job for many years in promoting Quebec film auteurs, trying to change the long-held cliche in the public psyche that our cinema was boring.’
    • ‘And for the first time in long while, opening night featured a superior film by a major auteur.’
    • ‘He is certainly more of an auteur than many directors who undeservedly receive that label.’
    • ‘It seems film auteurs have been happily trading ‘total creative control’ for ‘a job that actually pays’.’
    • ‘These filmmakers are great auteurs who have worked in cinema across major technological changes, from anywhere between 30 to 50 years.’
    • ‘The director is seen as the auteur - irrespective of whether or not he wrote the screenplay.’
    • ‘The auteur's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.’
    • ‘In this issue we feature articles on two highly distinctive auteurs, Brian De Palma and François Truffaut.’
    • ‘In recent years the concept of the auteur, as the main creative force behind a film, has been discouraged in Australia.’
    • ‘He is an auteur who believes that great films should show us things we have never seen before.’
    • ‘But it is nonetheless another intriguing work from one of the true auteurs currently working in cinema.’
    • ‘There's a good reason for this ruthlessness, of course, because in their hearts directors know that true auteurs must write their own material.’
    • ‘The two greatest pieces of ‘cinema’ I saw this year happened to be on television by two auteurs who should be back up on the big screen.’
    • ‘Two notable new releases by filmmakers known primarily as independent auteurs take on reality in highly comic ways.’
    • ‘Yes, I'm suspicious of filmmakers who regard themselves as artists and auteurs.’
    • ‘In fact, the film is one of the greatest masterworks of perhaps the greatest film auteur of the 20th century.’
    • ‘As the celebrated auteur of some 40 original video works, he achieved a rare unanimous vote of critical approval.’
    supervisor, controller, regisseur, producer, auteur, choreographer


1960s from French, literally ‘author’.



/əʊˈtəː/ /ɔːˈtəː/