Definition of authigenic in English:



  • (of minerals and other materials) formed in their present position.

    Often contrasted with allogenic

    ‘This mineral is probably authigenic clay that formed in the spring waters while the silica was being precipitated.’
    • ‘These may be reprecipitated and incorporated into authigenic materials, such as glauconite, various carbonates, and iron and manganese oxides.’
    • ‘He regarded the iron phosphate strengite to be the typical form of authigenic phosphate in freshwater deposits.’
    • ‘The trend is produced by the presence of variable amounts of hemipelagic mud in the authigenic carbonates.’
    • ‘Detrital quartz from an igneous source is usually substantially brighter in luminescence than quartz of an authigenic origin.’
    • ‘To determine the stable isotope composition of authigenic cements with a high spatial resolution, samples for stable isotope analyses were taken from polished slabs using a hand-held microdrill.’
    • ‘Later, authigenic quartz was precipitated and carbonate phases were partly silicified.’



/ˌôTHəˈjenik/ /ˌɔθəˈdʒɛnɪk/


Late 19th century from Greek authigenēs ‘born on the spot’+ -ic.