Definition of authorial in English:


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  • Belonging or relating to the writer of a book, article, or document.

    ‘no authorial voice interferes to color the scene for us’
    • ‘Eliot clearly had authorial doubts about her concluding remarks.’
    • ‘The camera's authorial control transforms the workers into an army of extras.’
    • ‘The culpability of traditional authorial power has left many a critical writer pussyfooting around issues.’
    • ‘That nod in itself contradicts his assertion that my historical account lacks authorial analysis.’
    • ‘Nothing here is obscured or confused by authorial partiality.’
    • ‘The long takes become understandable as an authorial strategy for the organization of documentary materials.’
    • ‘An authorial motive can be discerned in Austen's having made her heroine's father a marine.’
    • ‘It is quite readable, with a strong sense of narrative and a distinctive authorial voice.’
    • ‘We spent much time deconstructing notions of authorial originality, yet we proceed as if we were all born yesterday.’
    • ‘Note that Carroll is here assuming that authorial intention is relevant to interpretation.’



/ôˈTHôrēəl/ /ɔˈθɔriəl/