Definition of authoritarianism in English:



mass noun
  • 1The enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

    • ‘The transparency that was required for the treaty's implementation helped the country's evolution from one-party authoritarianism to multiparty democracy.’
    • ‘The president's thinking was shaped by this country's democratic values in contrast with that country's authoritarianism.’
    • ‘Forced labor, in the midst of a war against authoritarianism, was a dicey matter.’
    • ‘The authoritarianism of the party was not imposed to outlaw trade unions.’
    • ‘No major cross-regional analysis provides convincing evidence that Internet use is likely to undermine authoritarianism.’
    • ‘The ruling authoritarianism there breeds inept and corrupt politicians.’
    • ‘These leaders must take a chance that a cautious relaxation of authoritarianism will breed moderation among extremist oppositions.’
    • ‘A reassessment of the training methods and the culture of secrecy and authoritarianism that has permeated this police force for many decades is needed.’
    • ‘Who wouldn't want to turn the world's most populous nation away from authoritarianism?’
    • ‘These people who want greater transparency, greater accountability, are upset about the corruption and the dominant authoritarianism.’
    1. 1.1Lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.
      • ‘Perhaps because of her humble background, she studiously avoids the elitism and authoritarianism of many of her competitors.’
      • ‘It was the bitter resentment of an unhappy childhood that set Butler against all dogma, all overweening authority and authoritarianism.’
      • ‘The existence of a leader who hires the group and essentially defines its artistic mission implies a certain authoritarianism.’
      • ‘In my experience, moral outrage all too quickly becomes self-righteous authoritarianism.’
      • ‘This sexual authoritarianism is justified by a biological perception of sexual differences.’
      • ‘This is a city that struggles unsuccessfully to shake the traditions of backwardness, authoritarianism, ignorance, corruption, and social inequality.’
      • ‘We are in a period of transition, from several thousands of years of male authoritarianism, and a new society must be forged.’
      • ‘This is real moral leadership, as distinguished from the authoritarianism masquerading as morality.’
      • ‘I am not surprised that these conservatives would be excited and thrilled to see a re-affirmation of their authoritarianism and bigotry.’