Definition of authorized in English:


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(also British authorised)
  • Having official permission or approval.

    ‘an authorized dealer’
    • ‘authorized access to the computer’
    • ‘A series of avalanches in the Alps earlier in the weekend killed five people, including three youths who were skiing outside authorised slopes.’
    • ‘Sites can be maintained by any authorised club member.’
    • ‘They do, however, face difficulties under the MMAR in obtaining the medicine they have been authorized to possess.’
    • ‘In all cases the amount of interest on unauthorized overdrafts is considerably higher than for authorized ones.’
    • ‘In a few coronial jurisdictions, however, even the pathologist is not authorised to retain a copy of the report.’
    • ‘No agents or solicitors are authorized to seek contributions for The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund.’
    • ‘Pharmacists are authorized to withhold dispensing of medications ordered via nonapproved abbreviations.’
    • ‘Authorized users from Jewish Theological Seminary wishing access must obtain a Columbia University Library Reading Card.’
    • ‘It is just a question then of whether continuing detention is authorised under the legislation.’
    • ‘Under the Internet Spyware Prevention Act, it is a crime to intentionally access a computer without permission or to intentionally exceed authorised access.’
    • ‘The officials all spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the news media.’
    • ‘He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to release the information.’
    • ‘Two police officers and a hospital official gave the casualty toll on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information.’
    • ‘Entry to the airport in Kingston, Jamaica, a very busy airport, is limited to passengers with tickets and to authorized employees.’
    • ‘Justification for a gratuity falls upon those by whom it is authorized.’
    • ‘With their input, he created a plan to reduce the Maple City margin excesses and bring the account back into authorized limits.’
    • ‘The farmers and landowners hotline received more than 600 enquiries on Monday alone, and by the following day, 400 movements were authorised.’
    • ‘Ratahi said, hand on heart, that he was sure he would remember if they had been authorised.’
    • ‘It was only in 1967 that it was authorised to deal with human rights violations.’
    • ‘It also provides suggestive evidence that this was authorised at the highest level of the British government.’



/ˈôTHəˌrīzd/ /ˈɔθəˌraɪzd/