Definition of autoantibody in English:


nounplural noun autoantibodies

  • An antibody produced by an organism in response to a constituent of its own tissues.

    ‘Autoantibodies such as antinuclear antibodies and myositis-specific autoantibodies bind to proteins normally present inside one's own normal skin and muscle cells.’
    • ‘Examples of these substances include plasma proteins such as albumin and immunoglobulins, pathogenic autoantibodies, clotting factors, endotoxins, and proinflammatory cytokines.’
    • ‘All patients had significant increases in autoantibodies against neural antigens.’
    • ‘Herein we present data on symptoms, alterations in peripheral lymphocyte phenotypes, and autoantibodies observed in adult patients.’
    • ‘No tests for autoantibodies should be performed without a clinical evaluation that leads to a presumptive diagnosis.’
    • ‘In complete contrast, the overactivity encountered in Graves' disease is due to the aberrant production of autoantibodies, known as thyroid stimulating antibodies.’



/ˌôdōˈan(t)əˌbädē/ /ˌɔdoʊˈæn(t)əˌbɑdi/ /ˌädōˈan(t)əˌbädē/ /ˌɑdoʊˈæn(t)əˌbɑdi/