Definition of autobahn in English:



  • A German, Austrian, or Swiss expressway.

    ‘According to one radio report, half the fatalities on German Autobahns are caused by tailgating.’
    • ‘I am at home right now preparing for a weekend on the German Autobahn.’
    • ‘After his release from incarceration, he worked briefly with construction crews building the Autobahn, Germany's superhighway.’
    • ‘I love going to Germany and driving on the Autobahns, but the reality is that the German people pay heavily for that facility.’
    • ‘Major roads are prefixed with a ‘B’ and the motorways are prefixed with ‘A’ which stands for Autobahn.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way



/ˈôdəˌbän/ /ˈɔdəˌbɑn/ /ˈädəˌbän/ /ˈɑdəˌbɑn/


1930s from German, from Auto ‘motor car’ + Bahn ‘path, road’.