Definition of autocatalysis in English:



  • Catalysis of a reaction by one of its products.

    ‘By autocatalysis or autocatalytic evolution he refers to ‘intrinsically driven and self-propelled’ biological change.’
    • ‘That is, we would need to know the exact concentration of the photoproducts in order to determine the rate constant for autocatalysis.’
    • ‘It seems that amino acids are indeed the result of autocatalysis.’
    • ‘The most distinctive property of the gene, said Muller, is its capacity for self-propagation, or autocatalysis, whereby it converts some of the surrounding cytoplasmic material into an end product identical with itself.’
    • ‘He had begun a study of prion autocatalysis in yeast and became interested in the significance of polymorphisms in human genes that encode molecules involved in drug transport and metabolism.’



/ˌôdəkəˈtaləsəs/ /ˌɔdəkəˈtæləsəs/ /ˌädəkəˈtaləsəs/ /ˌɑdəkəˈtæləsəs/