Definition of autoenroll in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Automatically register (someone) in a program without that person's active authorization.

    ‘the company is again allowed to autoenroll participants in its special plan for low-income seniors’
    • ‘younger investors are more likely to be autoenrolled in their retirement plans’
    • ‘The Government claims that employers' payroll costs will rise by about 0.7 pc when employees are auto-enrolled into pension schemes.’
    • ‘One-in-five employers yet to auto-enrol have already been warned by their current pension provider that they aren't guaranteeing access to all.’
    • ‘He said the problem would only get worse if the Government begins auto-enrolling workers into KiwiSaver.’
    • ‘About half were either auto-enrolled or opted-in via their employer (13 per cent), so let's assume they are all still employees.’
    • ‘If the Government is going to auto-enrol all other employees, surely it would want to auto-enrol them into schemes where the fees are reasonable.’
    • ‘Larger companies would be the first to auto-enrol staff, to ensure that "teething problems" were out of the way by the time family firms were forced to provide pensions.’
    • ‘He was also accused of auto-enrolling customers, charging them monthly fees on their credit cards without their permission.’
    • ‘The company said it expected to add over 300,000 auto-enrolled customers in 2014.’
    • ‘About 60 percent of customers using the federal exchange were auto-enrolled.’
    • ‘Would anyone find it acceptable for the government to authorize insurance companies to "auto-enroll" customers?’



/ˌôdōənˈrōl/ /ˌɔdoʊənˈroʊl/