Definition of autohypnotic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈnätik/


See autohypnosis

‘There is often a queue, and the intense stimulation of my olfactory system relaxes my mind and lulls me into an autohypnotic state as I wait to be served.’
  • ‘Tonight I pulled it all together: long, hot bath, and soothing music, and slow yoga, and then I followed all the steps for bringing on a light autohypnotic trance.’
  • ‘Learn two powerful autohypnotic relaxation techniques that can help you feel in control of the stress that plagues you.’
  • ‘In his work with Anna O, he found that by tracing her associations in an autohypnotic state, he could not only find an original repressed incident, but could actually cure her of her symptom.’