Definition of autolysis in English:



  • The destruction of cells or tissues by their own enzymes, especially those released by lysosomes.

    ‘Specimens from living patients vastly outnumber autopsy specimens, and the absence of autolysis makes tissue from living people technically preferable for most purposes.’
    • ‘A common problem for pathologists examining hysterectomy specimens is finding pronounced tissue autolysis.’
    • ‘Ultrastructural examination failed to detect viral inclusions, although the tissue exhibited a sizable degree of postmortem autolysis.’
    • ‘Because our cases were autopsy cases, autolysis may have resulted in a decrease of positive staining cells.’
    • ‘It is well known that autolysis alters the molecular structure and thereby the antigenicity of tissues.’
    • ‘Many dressings are designed to promote autolysis.’
    • ‘Histologic examination of the colon did not show blue discoloration or abnormalities, with the exception of moderate autolysis.’



/ôˈtäləsəs/ /ɔˈtɑləsəs/