Definition of autolytic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌôtlˈitik/



See autolysis

‘They are chosen for their ability to absorb moisture if the wound is draining or for their ability to stimulate autolytic debridement if the wound has necrotic tissue.’
  • ‘A senescence-like autolytic programme is present in unicellular and filamentous green algae.’
  • ‘Moreover, autopsy studies are perceived as providing suboptimal material due to autolytic changes and they are also hampered by the unavailability, in most instances, of immunofluorescence and electron microscopic studies.’
  • ‘A number of products appear promising in accelerating wound healing by gentle and selective chemical or autolytic debridement; however, most of these products have not yet been subjected to sufficient clinical evaluation.’
  • ‘They can be used to maintain a moist wound environment on a clean, healthy, granulating wound and to facilitate autolytic debridement in wounds with necrotic tissue.’