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automated teller machine

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(also automatic teller machine)
  • A machine that dispenses cash or performs other banking services when an account holder inserts a bank card.

    ‘Regulators are particularly worried that some banks provide the service even at automated teller machines (ATMs).’
    • ‘Payment cards also may enable the customer to obtain cash and access other bank services from an automated teller machine.’
    • ‘Some are structured so that a cardholder pays a fee every time the card is used in an automated teller machine or at a cash register.’
    • ‘The automated teller machine that dispenses cash and other banking transactions has become ubiquitous in many parts of the world.’
    • ‘In addition, a customer may withdraw cash from a network of automated teller machines through the use of a card and personal identification number.’
    • ‘For example, many bank cards can extract local currency from automated teller machines worldwide.’
    • ‘I enjoy the user-friendliness of banking online, so it's a rare day that I visit a bank branch - other than to withdraw cash or make a deposit using an automated teller machine.’
    • ‘Ellen goes to the dimly-lit automated teller machine in the corner and swipes her ATM card.’
    • ‘It has 144 branches and 186 automated teller machines.’
    • ‘The late '70s and early '80s saw the creation of large-scale corporate databases, the rollout of automated teller machines, and the invention and spread of the personal computer.’
    • ‘The company also plans to install the country's first network of automated teller machines, which would enable cardholders to withdraw dinars or dollars from their accounts.’
    • ‘A major bank prevented its all customers from making transactions at automated teller machines yesterday as it investigated a suspected case of fraud.’
    • ‘As a result, most bank customers use automated teller machines instead of queuing up inside a bank.’
    • ‘He alleged that four armed men approached him minutes after he had withdrawn money from an automated teller machine, and they threatened to shoot him.’
    • ‘There is virtually no computer skill necessary because we've designed it like an automated teller machine with a multiple-choice test.’
    • ‘There's a good chance that your bank has given you a card that performs both functions and allows you to withdraw money from an automated teller machine.’
    • ‘You can also teach them the basics of using an automated teller machine.’
    • ‘She was all wobbly on her feet, so he had to help her to an automated teller machine so she could withdraw money to foot the hospital bills.’
    • ‘Workers can withdraw cash once a week from any automated teller machine without paying a fee.’
    • ‘Customers get mad when they're forced to change the way they make deposits or when familiar options on the automated teller machines are switched around.’


automated teller machine

/ˈôdəˌmādid ˈtelər məˈSHēn/ /ˈɔdəˌmeɪdɪd ˈtɛlər məˈʃin/


1960s (in the form automatic teller machine see teller.