Definition of automatic gain control in English:

automatic gain control


(also AGC)
  • A feature of certain amplifier circuits which gives a constant output over a wide range of input levels.

    ‘The microphone did not have automatic gain control.’
    • ‘Other features include automatic gain control, silence suppression and encryption.’
    • ‘Images were collected without automatic gain control in order to preserve the relative intensity of different animals' fluorescence.’
    • ‘One full spectrum was recorded followed by 3 MS / MS spectra on the LTQ instrument, automatic gain control was applied and the collision energy was set to the arbitrary value of 35.’
    • ‘The devices have to have an automatic gain control circuit to work with this, but no special software or an operating system.’


automatic gain control

/ˌôdəˈmadik ɡān kənˈtrōl/ /ˌɔdəˈmædɪk ɡeɪn kənˈtroʊl/