Definition of automize in English:



(also British automise)
another term for automate
‘And pharmaceutical companies are very much interested in automizing these processes as much as possible.’
  • ‘In your working directory of synapsen there is a script file which automizes this process.’
  • ‘It automizes the page layout and shortens the phase of creation, correction and setting.’
  • ‘This is a product useful in automizing the management activities and general functioning of any educational institute.’
  • ‘A patch manager is a program that automizes the updating of the computer to the latest patch level, including searching, downloading and installing patches.’
  • ‘The system automizes the recent steps in the workflow.’
  • ‘We are glad to demonstrate management system solutions for automized processes on the basis of self-service terminals.’
  • ‘It automizes the process and calculates which programmes you can theoretically receive with your dish size at your position.’
  • ‘District administration including various government departments in the district is rapidly automizing the working system.’
another term for automatize
  • ‘Foucault also wrote, ‘It is an important mechanism, for it automizes and disindividualizes power.’’



/ˈôdōˌmīz/ /ˈɔdoʊˌmaɪz/ /ˈädōˌmīz/ /ˈɑdoʊˌmaɪz/