Definition of autonomist in English:


Pronunciation /-mist/

noun & adjective

See autonomy

‘Both autonomists and reformists also share the idea of an autonomous social movement.’
  • ‘Many of the same debates go on, for example, between socialists who stress the role of the organised working class and autonomists who counterpose the actions of small minorities.’
  • ‘The most fully developed version of this theory has been put forward by John Holloway, a British autonomist Marxist based in Mexico, in a book whose name sums up its content: ‘Change the World Without Taking Power’.’
  • ‘His programme rightly rejects the idea, supported by many activists influenced by Green or autonomist approaches, that the answer is to trade and produce locally.’
  • ‘There are important autonomist networks in many countries, but these ideas have a wider take up because of cynicism about the old left.’
  • ‘The autonomists hold, essentially, that each individual or group should protest in their own way, without bowing down to any centralised, still less hierarchical, structure.’
  • ‘Meanwhile the autonomists avoid developing any political or social vision in deference to the spontaneity of the movement.’
  • ‘A breakaway union with significant support influenced by the politics of the autonomists.’
  • ‘I thought it was a very interesting way of thinking about African American autonomist political activism.’