Definition of autopen in English:



  • A mechanical device that automatically reproduces a person's signature, used typically in situations where someone is required to sign a large volume of documents.

    ‘the secretary of defense was using an autopen to place his signature on condolence letters to the families of the dead’
    • ‘Clerical workers would have routinely signed such a citation, one of thousands like it, with an autopen.’
    • ‘I would guess that every Senator uses an autopen to sign his or her correspondence.’
    • ‘All letters were sorted by subject matter for appropriate response by a staffer (mostly choosing the right form letter) and signature by use of the office autopen.’



/ˈôdəˌpen/ /ˈɔdəˌpɛn/ /ˈädəˌpen/ /ˈɑdəˌpɛn/