Definition of autoradiogram in English:



another term for autoradiograph
‘Figure 3C shows an autoradiogram of a typical in vitro translation experiment in wheat-germ extract.’
  • ‘Only two radioactive metabolites were detected on the autoradiogram.’
  • ‘The sequence was then read from autoradiograms of 6% polyacrylamide gels exposed overnight.’
  • ‘Hybridization signals were visualized by an autoradiogram and a bio-imaging analyser.’
  • ‘There were still, however, strains that appeared to be pure types, from the diagnostic bands on the autoradiogram.’
  • ‘Band intensities were quantified by densitometry of the autoradiogram.’



/ˌôdəˈrādēəˌɡram/ /ˌɔdəˈreɪdiəˌɡræm/ /ˌädəˈrādēəˌɡram/ /ˌɑdəˈreɪdiəˌɡræm/