Definition of autorotate in English:


intransitive verb

[no object]
  • 1(of an object) rotate spontaneously in a flow of moving air or water.

    • ‘seeds with double-winged shapes managed to autorotate’
    1. 1.1(of the rotor blades of a helicopter) rotate without engine power during a descent.
      • ‘the rotors don't need to autorotate during an emergency landing’
  • 2(of the display on a mobile device) rotate when the device is turned so that the image displayed on the screen remains correctly oriented.

    ‘the screen only autorotates in tablet mode’
    • ‘many apps autorotate when you rotate the iPhone’



/ˌôdōˈrōˌtāt/ /ˌɔdoʊˈroʊˌteɪt/