Definition of autoshaping in English:



  • A method of conditioning in which the conditioned response has not been reinforced by reward or punishment, but is a modified instinctive response to certain stimuli.

    ‘After a week of acclimation to the cages (when food was provided by a separate feeder), birds were induced to peck the response keys by a standard autoshaping procedure.’
    • ‘In this video, a pigeon that has initially undergone autoshaping training is placed on an omission schedule.’
    • ‘There were significant differences in rate of acquisition of lever pressing during the autoshaping training between different groups of rats.’
    • ‘So directing prey handling behaviour at a signal for food is pretty normal behaviour, just an example of autoshaping.’



/ˈôdōˌSHāpiNG/ /ˈɔdoʊˌʃeɪpɪŋ/