Definition of autostrada in English:


nounplural noun autostradas, plural noun autostrade/-ˌsträdē/

  • An Italian expressway.

    ‘He is racing down the autostrada just outside Rimini with two Italian secret service men tailing him.’
    • ‘Within minutes they were on the autostrada heading for Siena.’
    • ‘The increased limit will apply on autostrada with three lanes in each direction and the latest barriers to prevent vehicles from leaving each carriageway.’
    • ‘Out in the hills beyond the Eternal City, the car was delightful to drive, coping competently with small country roads and fast autostrada alike.’
    • ‘A long test drive in Italy confirmed the new model's all-round competence both on autostrada and twisty country roads.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way



/ˈôdōˌsträdə/ /ˈɔdoʊˌstrɑdə/


1920s from Italian, from auto ‘automobile’ + strada ‘road’.