Definition of autotransformer in English:



  • An electrical transformer that has a single coil winding, part of which is common to both primary and secondary circuits.

    ‘Always connect the autotransformer after the power switch and fuse of the equipment it is installed in.’
    • ‘If this is actually an autotransformer, then you do not have a separate primary and secondary winding.’
    • ‘This line of autotransformers offers cost effective and reliable means of AC blower motor speed control.’
    • ‘They can build autotransformers to any voltage and current required.’
    • ‘I am planning to build a 4 input volume control device using an autotransformer and remote control.’



/ˌôdōtransˈfôrmər/ /ˌɔdoʊtrænsˈfɔrmər/