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  • A device that automatically advances the film in a camera after a picture has been taken.

    ‘A magnet is supported upon the L-shaped trigger arm and actuates the autowinder function within the housing.’
    • ‘We were not using motors or autowinders which were rarities in the military for photojournalist at that time.’
    • ‘The camera has an autowinder interface that allows for continuous shooting, at a rate of 2 frames per second.’
    • ‘Cameras should be fitted with autowinders to allow quick enough succession of photographs.’
    • ‘Built-in autowinders also eliminate the give-away of having just taken a picture… being seen winding on to the next frame.’
    • ‘I like the built in autowinder, but I wish it had a manual winder as a safety backup.’
    • ‘Many newer cameras with autowinders built-in don't have a film advance lever.’
    • ‘I had a snag with one of my autowinders, but got it fixed (I hope).’



/ˈôdōˌwīndər/ /ˈɔdoʊˌwaɪndər/