Definition of autoworker in English:



mainly North American
  • A worker in the automobile industry.

    ‘All autoworkers, from the president to the line worker, want to be proud of their company and the product they make.’
    • ‘When it opens, it will have capacity to build 4.3 million vehicles in North America and will employ nearly 70,000 U.S. autoworkers.’
    • ‘And they are worried that in the world's biggest car market that may trigger a backlash, especially given how many American autoworkers have been laid off.’
    • ‘Towards the end of his book, there is an important episode which provides a clue into the sources of gender identity among male autoworkers.’
    • ‘Environmentalists clashed with autoworkers over fuel-efficiency standards.’
    • ‘Ford even created his own sociological department, staffed by 50 inspectors who kept tabs on autoworkers ' behavior off the job.’
    • ‘Negotiations will be intense, but the president could carve out a victory that will win the support of autoworkers and farmers.’
    • ‘My father is a retired autoworker and he said he never wanted us to have to work at a monotonous factory job.’
    • ‘Well, my Dad's an autoworker, same as my granddad.’
    • ‘The autoworker knows his or her particular job quite well and, if this job disappears, there may be no comparable position that makes use of these specific skills.’
    • ‘His stepfather was an autoworker, while his mother became a housewife and sometimes worked as a sales-person at department stores.’
    • ‘On November 1, 15,000 autoworkers walked off the job in the latest ‘warning strikes’ in a dispute over wage negotiations.’
    • ‘The autoworkers union has demanded a profit-sharing bonus.’
    • ‘Rather than calling for united action by autoworkers against job losses, the trade union leaders argued for a change in economic strategy by the government.’



/ˈôdōˌwərkər/ /ˈɔdoʊˌwərkər/