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  • Of, characteristic of, or occurring in autumn.

    ‘chilly autumnal weather’
    • ‘And finally we went to the Golden Temple which had some of the most stunning autumnal colours in the grounds, and it was almost luminous at dusk.’
    • ‘A band of cloud could bring some light rainfall on Saturday night, but there were signs that next week will bring more usual autumnal weather.’
    • ‘The first day of the Vancouver International Film Festival coincided with the first massive autumnal rain.’
    • ‘I had the feeling it was a very cheery afternoon in Sydney as I wandered the rain soaked streets of autumnal Vienna.’
    • ‘Certainly no American film could make an autumnal romance seem this warm and inviting - and normal.’
    • ‘Lovingly tended by the crossing keeper, a dozen pink roses are in full bloom, bringing a welcome splash of colour to the autumnal gloom.’
    • ‘When do we start getting the usual autumnal miserable weather?’
    • ‘Heavy rain brought autumnal flooding which disrupted drivers on South Lakeland's roads on Monday morning.’
    • ‘He also played around with a football and had been seen several times without a shirt on in cold, autumnal weather.’
    • ‘The time lost in reorganizing the Allied forces brought heavy autumnal rain which swelled their waters.’
    • ‘The fabrics he used were predominantly tweeds and wools in countryside colours: moss green, rust brown and autumnal red.’
    • ‘And its banks are beginning to look gorgeous in the turn of autumnal colors.’
    • ‘Last year's transition from winter to summer soccer meant that most of the matches actually took place in autumnal conditions.’
    • ‘One can also appreciate its autumnal leaves and winter snow.’
    • ‘Pleasant autumnal vistas do have their limits, though.’
    • ‘This evening I'm rediscovering the autumnal pleasure of surfing the internet with my stockinged feet jammed against a hot radiator.’
    • ‘The woods of rural Ohio are bursting with autumnal hues of rust.’
    • ‘In the exhibition Rubens is represented by two designs for decorative structures and an indistinct muddy sketch of an autumnal sunset.’
    • ‘There's something quite magical about autumnal afternoons with the curtains open and the twilight encroaching.’
    • ‘Melbourne looked autumnal - a sudden shower, and dead leaves blowing around the streets.’



/ôˈtəmnəl/ /ɔˈtəmnəl/


Late 16th century from Latin autumnalis, from autumnus ‘autumn’.