Definition of autunite in English:



  • A yellow or pale green mineral occurring as square crystals that fluoresce in ultraviolet light. It is a hydrated phosphate of calcium and uranium.

    ‘An important historical summary of autunite and other uranium mineral occurrences in the northeastern states can be found in Cooper.’
    • ‘Excellent pale yellow groups of autunite crystals to 1 cm occur in joints cutting sandstone at Novoveska Huta, Slovakia.’
    • ‘Northrop lists several New Mexico localities at which ‘museum-quality’ specimens of autunite have been found.’
    • ‘As in Nevada, autunite has been reported from a variety of scattered California localities.’
    • ‘Only a sight identification has been done on this mineral; it may be some other mineral of the autunite group.’



/ôˈtənīt/ /ɔˈtənaɪt/


Mid 19th century from Autun, the name of a town in eastern France, + -ite.