Definition of auxotrophic in English:




See auxotroph

‘Previous work on Drosophila de novo purine synthesis genes showed that 4 mg/ml RNA supplementation can rescue the phenotype of auxotrophic mutants fed a defined medium.’
  • ‘Linear relationships have been found between increasing levels of the supplied amino acid and the bioluminescence emission of the auxotrophic mutant of E. coli carrying the lux system.’
  • ‘The data indicate that the mutations complement with respect to the auxotrophic phenotype when grown on Sang's medium.’
  • ‘A plasmid containing this 3.1 kb of wild-type genomic DNA was cotransfected with a trp1 plasmid into protoplasts isolated from an auxotrophic thn1 mutant strain.’
  • ‘In addition to testing the generality of fungal survival factors, auxotrophic mutants allow several key aspects of fungal biology to be assessed in vivo.’



/ˌôksəˈträfik/ /-ˈtrō-/