Definition of avant-gardism in English:



See avant-garde

‘‘Our film,’ Dali boasted, ‘ruined in a single evening ten years of pseudo-intellectual post-war avant-gardism.’’
  • ‘Each project engages with avant-gardism in manners that suggest its reinscription as a paradigm for art and social action in the 21st century.’
  • ‘His avant-gardism attracts the attention of the villagers.’
  • ‘What led the artist whose paintings are considered to have first inspired the use of the term ‘surrealism’ to cast doubt on so much of the avant-gardism of his time?’
  • ‘The former challenges the choir with all kinds of technical hurdles, and the work, while utterly sincere, verges on avant-gardism of a type not common since the 1960s.’



/ˌäˌvänˈɡärˌdizəm/ /ˌɑˌvɑnˈɡɑrˌdɪzəm/