Definition of avant-gardist in English:



See avant-garde

‘Works of European avant-gardists and ‘world’ artists were juxtaposed for their ‘magical’ qualities.’
  • ‘The only performance artist to make the pop charts, he joins the roster of aging musical avant-gardists who've begun to top the bill annually at the Rodeo.’
  • ‘Even some avant-gardists began to mold their work around regular company structures, touring, repertory, and management that could talk to presenters and funding agencies.’
  • ‘It has become a magnet for avant-gardists who want to hang out in a place that has become a byword for New York's alternative arts scene.’
  • ‘Otherwise we are merely callow modernizers or cavalier avant-gardists, who in seeking to eradicate the past will discover that it returns with a vengeance to plague us.’



/ˌäˌvänˈɡärdəst/ /ˌɑˌvɑnˈɡɑrdəst/