Definition of Aves in English:


plural noun

  • A class of vertebrates which comprises the birds.

    ‘Let's investigate the origin and evolution of flight in our representative taxa: the Pterosauria, Aves, and Chiroptera (bats).’
    • ‘Hence, the possession of feathers is unique to birds and defines all members of the class Aves.’
    • ‘Now that is fine, but if you want a pretty strong line of evidence to show that birds came from theropods, then add a lot of theropods to the class Aves.’
    • ‘However, the discovery that some dromaeosaurs could fly identifies them as birds and now places them within the class Aves.’
    • ‘The new edition also includes, significantly, a chapter on birds of the Mesozoic, thereby officially recognizing that Aves belongs to the larger grouping, Dinosauria.’



/ˈävāz/ /ˈɑveɪz/ /ˈäˌvēz/ /ˈɑˌviz/


Latin, plural of avis ‘bird’.